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QUT Creative Enterprise Australia has established some intitives to support business networks during this time.

They have put together a few practical masterclasses and a hands-on CEO Strategy Series with an experienced CEO, to give businesses practical tools that they can put in place right now to increase revenue and strengthen their foundations for long term growth. They have also started a peer support network for business leadership to speak with their peers about the challenges they are currently facing both professionally and personally.

More information can be found below:

CEA has been supporting SMEs across Australia for well over a decade through its programs and through its venture capital activities. We are proud to announce a series of interventions that recognises and responds to their changing needs and reinforces the message that we are here for business leaders, in order to both support your business survival during this period of peak distress and furthermore to support a strong economic recovery once the immediate health crisis has subsided.

Business leaders across Australia, from the CEO’s of ASX listed companies, to the founders of early stage startups, are all experiencing periods of acute stress during this crisis, as they battle through decisions of existential significance on a daily basis.

The mental health of our business leaders is a subject seldom addressed during times of non-crisis and so, we’re delighted, not only to be able to offer this support at a time when it is sorely needed, but in doing so, to put the issue front and centre in the national debate.

We’ll be announcing further measures in due course.

Mark Gustowski – Chief Executive Officer & Ian Mason – Chief Knowledge Officer

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Masterclasses available:

Click here to find out more

Foundations for Growth Masterclasses

A series of practical, virtual masterclasses designed to empower SMEs to increase their revenue and build the foundations for long term success from their home. Discounted tickets are available now.

  • Public Relations Masterclass with Tet Kofi, Thursday 23 April, 9.00am REGISTER HERE
  • E-commerce Masterclass with Nathan Bush, Tuesday 28 April, 9.30am REGISTER HERE


CEO Strategy Series

A network, led by experienced CEOs, for the leaders of Australian SMEs making critical strategic decisions during this period of economic disruption. Over 3 weeks, these intimate sessions provide an opportunity for targeted input not only from the experienced CEO, but also your fellow leaders.

  • CEO Strategy Series with Terry Svenson, beginning Wednesday, April 15 REGISTER HERE
Progress with your Peers

This peer support network, delivered in association with The Founder’s Circle, will see peer groups of business leaders gathering virtually, on a weekly basis, to support each other’s emotional health and promote self-care.