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Who are we?

The KCCI is an independent not-for-profit group that leads the Kingaroy Business community in championing economic prosperity for large and small business who make Kingaroy the commercial centre of the South Burnett.

The KCCI spearheads the maintenance of a strong local economy by improving the business climate and expanding the business base through advocacy to local, state, and federal representatives and decisionmakers.

As a member-focused chamber, the KCCI operates a business services HUB, prioritises mental wellbeing through its SMILE program, and promotes connection with community through leadership.

The KCCI creates valuable programs and events that boost members’ networks, business growth and profitability. We forge unique and creative partnerships to create more opportunities and jobs, and to support individual members on a variety of issues.
The chamber focuses on three pillars, our members, development and business unity/identity. The KCCI takes the Kingaroy community forward for the benefit of all.

Kingaroy, the commercial centre

Empowering local growth, our chamber fosters regional prosperity through supporting Kingaroy as the commercial centre of the South Burnett. We do this through collaboration, innovation, and support for businesses driving economic success.

Your Best Friend in Business

We can help you celebrate your business wins, or help you work through business challenges. We have numerous government departments in our little black book, and a whole heap of resources for you to use. Even better, become a member and get an update in your inbox monthly!

Meet Our Members of the Executive

Meet the driving force behind our vibrant business community – our dedicated executive team members. Each member brings a unique set of skills and expertise, collectively working towards the prosperity of our local businesses. Scroll down to learn more about the individuals shaping the future of Kingaroy, and the environment your business is operating in.

Damo Martoo

President (Company - Martoo Review)

Meet Damien (Damo) Martoo, who was invited to join the Chamber Executive in 2018 and then elected as President. The new leadership role fell just as the pandemic hit and the KCCI were thrust into stakeholder engagement to represent businesses who were experiencing a multitude of challenges from Public Health directions. There was a lot of information to be circulated up and down the stakeholder chain. During this time, is when Damo says this time emphasized the importance of the chamber network and the need for a strong presence on behalf of its members. At this point in time, Damo was progressing his own social media promotions and event hosting/coverage platform which allowed him to spend a lot of time listening to other's needs. Since then, Damo's situation has taken a massive direction change in the past couple years, but one thing has not changed. Damo says that he will continue to do everything he possibly can so that the town that raised and supported him and his family is the best it can possibly be for the future generations.

Jacqui Trace

Vice President (Company - Bill Hull Care Centre)

Jacqui Trace, owner of Bill Hull Car Centre, proudly carries on the family-owned Mazda and Subaru Dealership in Kingaroy, established 30 years ago. Recently launching Kingaroy Adventure 4x4, she champions local businesses and delivers innovative campaigns to fundraise for local causes. Serving as Vice President of the chamber, Jacqui is committed to community engagement, and supporting mental health initiatives with the Chamber's SMILE program, and ensuring it's messaging is at member events. Her passion lies in ensuring businesses thrive, that businesses have support when they need it most. With a dedication to people and customer service, Jacqui's entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive success in her business and the Chamber.

Paula Greenwood

Secretary / Treasurer (Company- PG Mobile Bookkeeping)

Paula was introduced to KCCI by Nina Temperton in 2012. The executive was looking for someone to do administrative services, bookkeeping, linkage with members & improve membership. They would pay 4 hours per week.
Paula says she had no idea about KCCI then, but since has become a true believer in the work of KCCI. Over that time the Chamber has united businesses, growing Meet & Greets from 10 to sometimes over 70, liaising with council and just being there for people. Paula enjoys helping others.
Became Secretary in 2013 & Secretary/Treasurer in 2014.

Daniel Pelcl

Executive Member (Company - Burnett Today)

My name is Daniel Pelcl, and I am the Managing Director for a publishing business that focuses solely on our local regions through news and editorials. Since joining the KCCI around five years ago my appreciation and understanding of the town has grown and I feel better connected through the relationships that have been built.
Also working closely with like-minded members of the community who have a huge grasp on ensuring our town/region flourishes and seeing small concepts and ideas become reality. I really enjoy being part of the KCCI, because as a team, we enjoy what we do.

Chrys McDuffie

Executive Member (Company - CA Design & Print)

Meet Chrys McDuffie, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in Human Resources Management across mining, construction, engineering, and the aerospace industries. In 2022, she embarked on a new venture, establishing CA Design & Print, a business offering a unique personalised branding services to the South Burnett Community and beyond. Alongside her corporate journey, Chrys is a passionate children's book author, having self-published three books. Since 2013, she has served as an executive on the Chamber, initially representing Downer Mining. Even after transitioning to entrepreneurship, Chrys remains a dedicated advocate, contributing to the Chamber's goals and community development with passion and experience.

Steve Fiedler

Executive Member (Company - Fiedler Plumbing)

Meet Steven Fiedler, who many know as Smiley. Steven, along with his wife Emily, own Fiedler Brothers Plumbing. Steven has nearly 20 years' experience in the industry, joining the chamber when his brother stepped down from the role. This was in and around when the Smile Campaign first started. Steven has helped, along with others, the Construction side of the chamber to help give vital information to our committee and also with anything else our Exec committee members need of him. Steven thoroughly enjoys seeing all business thrive in our region.

Jason Erbacher

Executive Member (Company - South Burnett CTC)

Jason Erbacher is the CEO of South Burnett CTC and has been part of the chamber since moving to the South Burnett in 2022. He has a Bachelor of Commerce and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Jason has a Local Government background spanning over several years in 3 different regional local government areas before moving into the not-for-profit space. Jason enjoys being part of the chamber, ensuring that not-for-profits are recognised for their considerable business investment in the region and providing helping ensure chamber is a professional organisation that represents its members and the region with best practice governance.

David Musch

Executive Member (Company - Musch12 pty ltd)

David is a seasoned professional in interstate sales and business development, currently running his own business that serves local companies like the Crumpton Group.
Born and raised in Kingaroy, David is very proud to call himself a “Local”. From a young age he always had an interest in motor vehicles and motor sport. This led him to a career in the motor industry. David started as an apprentice motor mechanic and finished his motor industry career as an equity owner and Dealer Principal of a Motor Vehicle Dealership in 2023, a 35 year service in the industry.
In early 2023 David and his wife Susan purchased a caravan and travelled for 6 months throughout the east coast of Australia. As much as they thoroughly enjoyed this experience, they both were not ready for this lifestyle and decided to challenge themselves with a completely different industry. This led to an opportunity within the Crumpton organisation. We look forward to where the next 10 years will take us.
David has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce for 3 years, enjoying that the Chamber gives him the ability to network with a group of similarly minded people that wish to grow and develop their business communities.

Sheena Lindholm

Executive Member (Company - Push Pull Marketing PR & Events)

Sheena Lindholm has an unwavering commitment to better the experience of living experiences for regional communities. Her deep-rooted regional connection fuels the integration of community development through purposeful, transformative projects. Sheena's impact to date includes significant infrastructure upgrades, state awards, Australian-first community plans and destination events.
Sheena owns Push Pull Marketing, PR and Events in Kingaroy, Queensland, as a vehicle to deliver on her vision. Sheena sees the Chamber as an integral part of healthy community ecosystem; and wants to see the model in good working order so that members can get the value they need, and be further amplified in service to our regional economy.

Susan Robertson

Executive Member (Company - Kingaroy Office Central)

Susan Robertson, owner of Kingaroy Office Central started her career as a primary school teacher in Mt Isa at Mt Isa School of the Air. She was there from 1993 until 2001. Her family moved back to Kingaroy at the end of 2001, taking time off work when her children were young. In 2006 her father wanted to retire, so she began working with him and took Burnett Mine Service over 6 months later. Susan started with a team of 7 and built the business up to a team of 16. This was a challenging role, having to work and managed a cleaning crew and a maintenance crew, from 2006 until 2015. When that contract was up, Susan went looking for a new challenge. Susan and her husband bought Kingaroy Office Central in 2015. This has been a totally different challenge to her other roles, but just as rewarding.

Mitch Gray

Executive Member (Company - AMG Electrical)

Meet Mitch Gray; owner of AMG Electrical Solutions and SB Hire & Sales with his wife Aleisha.
Mitch is a qualified electrician, entrepreneur and business investor and passionate about building the capacity and capability of local industry to service the high-level requirements our growing economy needs.
Mitch is a member of KCCI simply because he thinks the most valuable asset our businesses have is the relationships with our customers and the wider community we operate in; KCCI provides a fantastic opportunity to engage with businesses that they would not normally interface with in the normal operation of our business.
Mitch became a member of the Executive because he thinks Kingaroy is an amazing place to live and want to do his part to build the prosperity of the wider business community.
The KCCI has been effective in lobbying government decisionmakers at all levels to improve the local business environment. Key creative and unique partnerships between government, not for profit organisations and private enterprise have been formed to advance the interests, infrastructure, and service needs of business in Kingaroy.

The KCCI is deeply embedded within the regional town-centre of Kingaroy and well-resourced to provide leadership and assistance to local business.