We promote and encourage local businesses to work together to build successful business partnerships.

Our members are part of the Kingaroy business network and are able to build connections, access information and keep up-to-date on the issues that matter within our community and on a state and federal level.

Financial Partnership Opportunities

To make sure your Chamber of Commerce can deliver long term consistency in all we do, the KCCI has developed a scaled Partnership Proposal to deliver an income stream that will create consistency well into the future for our region’s business sector.

While we continue to chase grants that suit our ongoing project needs, we want to see long term benefits and deliver real outcomes for the future so that you, your staff and their families benefit from all that the business community works so hard for.

Join today and become part of the Kingaroy business network to build connections, access information and keep up to date on issues that matter within our community.

Fostering growth within the business community

KCCI facilitates events providing opportunities to share knowledge, develop partnerships, learn from local businesses and promote education opportunities for our members.

Kingaroy & the South Burnett

A thriving business community.

The KCCI has been operating within the local business community for over 100 years. We are committed to helping innovative and thriving businesses operate in a prosperous and united South Burnett community.


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