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As we approach International Women’s Day on March 8th, the Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) proudly shines a spotlight on the incredible achievements of our local businesswomen, rallying behind the theme of “Inspire Inclusion.” This year, we honour and celebrate the contributions of our female entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals who play a vital role in shaping our local community’s economic landscape.

International Women’s Day holds special significance in Kingaroy, as it provides an opportunity for us to recognise and appreciate the talents, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit of our local businesswomen. From family-owned enterprises to innovative startups, these women embody the essence of leadership, creativity, and determination, driving growth and prosperity in our community.

President Damien Martoo said, “Under the theme of “Inspire Inclusion,” the KCCI want the women in our business community to know that you are included and valued. When you thrive, our community thrives. I am seeing first-hand how powerful women in our business community are inspiring the next generation of business leaders. My own daughters are completing a diploma of business in their final year of High School in preparation to one day owning their own small business. They often talk about the businesses in Kingaroy and who owns them and ask the big questions of how those women came to be in the position they are in. The answer is obviously always through hard work and dedication and it is wonderful to see that their strong leadership is not going unnoticed by others around them.”

Vice-President Jacqui Trace said, “The women in businesses across Kingaroy are critically part of the workforce here in Kingaroy. This IWD is here to cheer those women on, congratulate them for stepping over the barriers they face to work for and in our community. We see you.”

Damien Martoo said, “On International Women’s Day 2024, we invite the Kingaroy community to join us in celebrating our local business women and inspiring inclusion in our community. We’re encouraging the public to say thank-you to women-owned businesses, or share their success stories on our Facebook page Each of us has a role to play in creating an environment where every woman feels valued and empowered.”

Together, let us support the Kingaroy businesswomen in our community in their efforts to continuously improve. Together let’s collaborate and continue to encourage inclusivity for long-term sustainability.