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Commencing date is Friday 21st October (brochure date is incorrect, page 2) and second session is 18th November. Total 6 sessions and there will not be a session in December.

Venue: South Burnett Enterprise Centre from 9.00am to 3.00pm.

KCCI will be contribute half of the cost. Limited to 20 people.


General outline

eXecforce is pleased to deliver the following workshop – Business Accelerator Coaching program in partnership with South Burnett Regional Council and Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The program has been developed for participants with business requirements whilst maintaining a balanced approach to the collective
core values and vision. During this workshop, the participants will be exposed to key areas of learning including introduction to the fundamentals of business, accountability and strategic planning.

The program sets out to compliment skills that identify key areas in individual and group engagement, and specific areas within the development of a high performing business. The program will be conducted in a group environment, along with one on one contact sessions (accountability coaching) conducted coach to participant
three times through the program.

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