SMILE Program


Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce (KCCI) is proud to announce their new Mental Health & Wellbeing initiative SMILE – Supporting Mental Health through Information – Leadership – Education. 

We are dedicated and focused on providing a strong platform that supports Business owners and in turn the wider community, through valuable resources and contacts. We aim to ensure that they, their employees and families, understand the importance of Mental Wellbeing and can access assistance if required. 

KCCI have engaged Bunyarra Counselling & Mediation to assist with education through their N.I.C.L program. We are offering Business owners and one additional staff member, who are members of the KCCI, a free N.I.C.L group training session. This program has been designed by Michael Sanford, from Bunyarra Counselling as an early intervention technique of Noticing, Inquiring, Connecting and Linking with people and will teach valuable skills to start a conversation with your staff or family, and gauge if there could be any problems that are causing concern. We then encourage you to reach out to Bunyarra Counselling or any of our local providers which are conveniently listed on our website.

The secret to reducing the impact of Mental illness is early intervention, encouragement and support. We are devoted to making sure our SMILE program reduces the impact that Mental illness can lead to. We are also very aware that we are not professionals in this field and that we are simply providing you with a proactive first step as well as a professional connection to assistance should you need it.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the N.I.C.L training or would like to find out more about our SMILE program please contact us via email:



Should you wish to engage Bunyarra Counselling & Mediation's services in your workplace please feel free to contact Michael Sanford directly at or 0402 155 901 to arrange an appointment. All costs and further sessions will become the responsibility of the Individual person or business.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the N.I.C.L training or would like to find out more please contact us via email