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Psychosocial Disability, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Survey

By May 4, 2020No Comments2 min read

APM are conducting a survey to gather feedback from the South Burnett Community about Psychosocial Disability, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

Any collaboration requires the whole of community to support a pathway forward. Through support, collaboration and advocacy, a coordinated approach can:

  •   Strengthen inter-community relationships and partnerships (ie rural to coast)
  •   Provide targeted Information and resource linkages
  •   Promote crisis support services and help seeking behaviours
  •   Build community ownership in Psychosocial Disability, Mental Health and suicide prevention
  •   Promote strategies that enhance community wellbeing
  •   Operate for the benefit of all people regardless of gender, country of origin, language, culture, sexual orientation or religion.

They invite you to join us for the initial Survey to discuss the South Burnett Region, and share this in your networks and communities.

The survey is anonymous but will be asking for a post code to be shared to give a clearer understanding of what is offered in the South Burnett Region and existing barriers that people and services are still experiencing.

Thank you for the time in completing this survey:
Click here to complete the survey

Thank you for your time and support as we work towards a stronger community