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CCIQ Advocacy and election update

By October 22, 2020No Comments2 min read

The 2020 Election campaign is officially in full swing now, and as we have said publicly today, so far the campaign feels to be lacking the grunt business need to be hearing.

We know focussing on COVID recovery is important, but we don’t want to take the pressure off hearing about how both major parties plan to secure Queensland’s long-term future through their policies.

There’s been some big infrastructure announcements, such as the new Bradfield scheme, Townsville to Mt Isa energy grid, and road upgrades, but we consider these to be standard and needed.

Off the back of the Federal Budget announcements this week, we want to be seeing and hearing more from all political candidates on how they will back up what has been committed to by the Federal Government with tangible policies

The ongoing border uncertainty and restrictions are still on our agenda as we continue to push our election campaign, we are continuing to elevate the rising concerns of business viability due to limiting restrictions.


Small Business is a BIG deal election campaign

Focus area next week: Connected Businesses

Any business, no matter size or location, needs to have access to stable, fast internet access and the skills to compete in an increasingly digital economy.

However, we know that it’s not a level playing field and this election campaign we are calling on all political candidates to support business success through advancing technology access and capabilities.



Improve digital capacity

  • Prioritise high-speed internet for regional Qld

Connecting with businesses

  • Invest in whole-of-government knowledge sharing and collaborative platforms for interactions with SMEs

Incentivise digital adoption

  • Develop a digital approach that promotes e-commerce as best practice

Media and Social media

We have a short video which explains the policies and reasons for them, you are welcome to use or replicate.

Additionally, there is a range of social media tiles you can use.

You will find everything on this link .