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14 November 2023

Nationwide Optus Outage Affecting Small Businesses in South Burnett Sparks Demand for Improved Regional Network Infrastructure
South Burnett, 08/11/2023 – Small businesses in the South Burnett region are facing significant challenges due to a nationwide Optus outage, which has severely disrupted their operations. These businesses, which rely on secure and stable internet connections to conduct their operations locally and nationally, find themselves grappling with connectivity issues that threaten their livelihoods.
President Damien Martoo of the Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc. (KCCI) expressed his frustration, saying, “Once again, we have been let down by a national brand. It is unacceptable that our businesses are forced to endure such prolonged network disruptions, which directly impact their ability to serve their customers and participate in the broader economy.”


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